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My Specialties

Areas where my experience and training can bring the biggest changes in your life.


Anxiety is rampant nowadays as more and more societal pressures fall upon us. While a certain amount of anxiety can increase alertness and awareness, people with high anxiety experience a far from normal state of mind, rendering them nearly incapacitated. For many people, symptoms usually are severe enough to cause noticeable problems in their daily lives. Some people may feel generally miserable and unhappy and not know why.


Improving What You’ve Got!

Are you unhappy with some aspects of your relationship? Improve what you’ve got so you’ll have greater fulfillment and satisfaction and avoid fighting and hurt feelings. Don’t wait for problems to boil over. Address your concerns now before they become too difficult to solve.

It is possible to survive an affair and forgive the betrayer. Some couples emerge from such a situation stronger in their love and respect for each other than ever before. But rebuilding a love that lasts takes effort and a willingness to mend the bonds broken between the betrayed and the betrayer.


Depression is a mood disorder where the person experiences persistent symptoms of depressed mood, sadness, and a loss of interest in daily activities to the point where it affects their normal function such as their appetite, energy levels, concentration levels, and sleep. Although depression may occur only once in a person’s life, people typically have multiple episodes. During these episodes, symptoms occur most of the day, nearly every day. Why live like this when you don’t have to?

Specific OCD Plan

Are you ready to finally gain control over your OCD? Talk therapy doesn’t work to decrease your obsessions or compulsions, but following a proven OCD-specific strategy built on ERP and CBT will dramatically reduce your OCD behaviors in as little as 12 weeks. I’ll design an individualized plan based on my experience working with a nationally recognized anxiety program at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital and from my years of experience working with OCD patients.